Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Daily Life chez MacCool: A Photo Meme

The posting of this meme proves several things:

1. I am nearly incapable of saying no to a good-looking woman. You want more memes, Renee? You got it, baby.

2. I cannot stop stealing things from MLC, even if we would make a queer couple. (Yeah, we would. But the dogs would like us.)

3. My cats are unusually fine.

4. Blogging is my main form of procastination this week, yet...

5. I am not finding the energy to write about all the weighty, and even relevant, topics banging around in my head. Maybe one of these days.

But in the meantime, I present you with my very first PHOTO MEME!

The rules:
Get up and take the following pictures:

- your bed as soon as everyone is out of it and before you make it
- the contents of your medicine cabinet
- the contents of your refrigerator
- favorite place in your home

don’t arrange things
just take the picture
post pix without editing

It doesn't say to tag anyone, but just for good measure, I'm tagging Jess.

OK, first the bed.

Damn I love those cats. And the Red Sox.

And now the medicine cabinet.

God, that's a bit bleak, isn't it? Bathroom items belonging to the femme half of this household stored elsewhere, it should go without saying...

Refrigerator (oh, I bet the excitement is killing you).

It doesn't look great, but the brownies hidden by the foil on the bottom shelf were made by FG and totally rock.

And finally, my favorite place, which at the moment is my cozy desk area.
And there you have it.


Jesse said...

Awesome post. Hate your blanket, but awesome post.

Maybe I will find some time soon to post these pics too.. you'll laugh your ass off.

Me. Here. Right now. said...

Like your mug. Your office looks very cozy!

saintchick said...

Love the fridge shot.

LL Cool Joe said...

The photo of your bathroom cabinet cracked me up. I'll have to take a photo of mine today and you'll see why. :D

Oh and I recognise that laptop, infact are you sure it's not ours?

Anonymous said...

That medicine cabinet pic cracked me up!

Kyle said...

I'm gonna jump on this meme later today... love the cats... and the medicine cabinet... so much unused space!

Billie Murdoch said...

Laptop twinsies!

I really have got to stop using that word.

Regardless, MacBooks are a godsend.

f said...

crikey, your meds cabinet is spartan! But I can match six of the books on your desk with the pile on mine :-)

Asphalt Cowboy said...

Newish to the scene, but it's nice to find another Royal Rooter. Go Sox!