Friday, 14 August 2009

PDSD & a Poll

According to a PhD'ed relative of FG's there is a phenomenon known as post-writum depression. I did some googling and found this description of post-dissertation stress disorder. Looks about right to me... especially the "increased need for sleep" "inability to concentrate on anything for more than ten minutes," "increased need for meaningful relationships," and, of course, "pure laziness."

I find myself emotional, as well, especially over losses old and new. Today I was patting my little cat and got choked up remembering the first cat I really loved, who was given away by my dad and his new girlfriend after my parents got divorced.

And I find myself craving company and reassurance. I was at a community event last night and wanted to walk around and spend the evening hugging nearly every person there. Of course I did not do any such thing.

There is much on my mind to write about but I don't know where to start. The ten-minute attention span isn't helping either, of course. How about a poll? In my mental bloggy queue:

1) settling into stone and why it's been a (thorny) liberation
2) thoughts on (not) transitioning. my complicated desire to claim transgender anyway.
3) confronting (more of) my personal legacy of shame (special body edition!)

Cheery line-up, eh? But I promised more angst. Go vote in the sidebar. Feel free to elaborate your preference or express another in the comments.


Janet said...

Congratulations on finishing your dissertation! I had post college nightmares for years and I wasn't even in grad school and I did well in school. So who knows...

May your transitions be smooth.

Miss Emily said...

I will have to go with 3. But 3 is losing to 1. Anything you write is so articulate that I'll be interested to read either way.

I've never written a dissertation so I can't relate exactly, but miss bipolar here knows all about emotional things like this. I hope it gets better.


Holden said...

I'd love to read what you have to say on all of those 3 subjects. Especially as I've had similar ideas for blog posts floating around in my head for awhile.

greg said...

I'm also finding myself emotional, over losses old and new - and I have written nothing. Which makes me even more depressed. giggle.

Anything you write, I will read happily. :)

(((hugs for Leo))) Better? said...

For the record, I believe in non-transitioning transfolk. :)

e said...

All three topics, please!

I'm sending the links to a couple of friends of mine who are finishing up their dissertations. What a monumental undertaking. Congratulations on finishing!

Maria said...

I like the second choice the best. One of my best friends is transitioning from a woman to a man and we have talked for hours and hours. I find him fascinating.

Jen said...

I am late to the game, but suffered a weighted low after finishing up as well...I was glad to see you were at least expecting it. Again, congrats! I was thrilled to find other queer PhDs blogging!

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