Friday, 8 May 2009

Things I'm Happy About

Not an exhaustive list, just an immediate one.

1. New battery & power cord = being able to work on the computer outside.
2. Just ordered new glasses. So much sexier than the apologetic I'm-just-a-shy-girl-please-don't-mind-me glasses I've been wearing for the last 2.5 years. My tentative motto for the new glasses: oh-yes-I-am-all-that, I'll-quote-you-Foucault-then-fuck-you-silly.
3. The frames are new but the prescription isn't. My eyesight hasn't gotten worse! Hurray!
4. Got an interview. For a very part-time casual thing but another company in this same field has been blowing me off, and these folks were very professional, so I have new hope for my ability to generate some cash this summer. Thank heavens. Unlike Rachel Maddow, I haven't found any good yard boy openings to tide me over while I finish my dissertation...
5. Friends. I haz them. And I love them. (One of the funny things about this blog is that I started it at a moment of intense, severe isolation. And through the changes I've made & documented here, I've mostly escaped from that. But I'm entirely opposed to writing about my IRL peeps here in any but the most general of terms, which means that in a sense the end of that story is missing. Well. There are worse things.)

Five seems good for now. Happy Friday, all.


Freedomgirl said...

can't wait til those new glasses get here... said...

"oh-yes-I-am-all-that, I'll-quote-you-Foucault-then-fuck-you-silly."

...first the mussels now that.

Jess is SO in trouble tonight.

ladybrettashley said...

okay, so i totally want to see those new glasses...and it makes me think i need glasses with a motto ;)

greg said...

I'm with Tina - I love that line.

Good for you!

CAB said...

"oh-yes-I-am-all-that, I'll-quote-you-Foucault-then-fuck-you-silly."

I need a pair of glasses like those

thissideofchanged said...

*fanning herself*

Where, precisely, does one buy a pair of glasses like that???

LL Cool Joe said...

Who the hell is Foucault? Would 2Pac work as well?

MLC said...

Have a good weekend!

e said...

Glasses, check.
Power cord, check.
Interview, check.
Friends, yeah!

Ready to roll... said...

Five things to be happy about is perfect. This post made me smile; it's nice to remember the good stuff.

Be sure to let us see those glasses when you get them ... I think we're all curious now.

Maria said...

Ah. I'm much the same myself. I just got home from a heinous long weekend to my childhood home in Iowa and decided not to blog about it for fear of my sisters being hurt by my words.

I do the same with friends. And some of those stories are just so funny, it's a shame not to write them all out.