Monday, 27 April 2009

How to Fail to Wash Your Car in 10 Easy Steps

1. Get in your car and wash the inside of the windows.
2. Open one window so you don't asphyxiate yourself. Don't feel bad about the fumes or getting your leg stuck when climbing from back to front seats. It's all down hill from here.
3. Start the car and head towards car wash.
4. Avoid collision with dude blowing through four-way stop.
5. Get glared at by pretty pedestrian for honking at dude.
6. Drive past car wash, confused by the maze of contruction on the street outside.
7. Bang a U-ie.
8. Return to car wash and enter only non-closed, non-busy self-service bay.
9. Get informed by fellow car-washer that the bay is broken.
10. Back slowly out through contruction maze and return home. At least the inside of the windows are clean, and surely you didn't have anything better to do with that half hour.

6 comments: said...


OMG -- someone in the hall heard me laughing...

...gotta go... lol

Dawn on MDI said...

you wash your car? Really?

Actually, I can't quite do that to my truck - my big gangbox in the back would allow the water in and wreck my tools. I do hose it off once in a while, though. heh. car wash...

Anonymous said...

TOO MUCH! I was eating oatmeal when I read #2 and had this great image of you getting stuck, and now some of that oatmeal is on my shirt. Damn that vivid imagination.

Very, very cute.

LL Cool Joe said...

What?? You are telling us you don't wash your car yourself?? You change the oil, but you don't get a shammy leather and work up a sweat??

Man, I'm disappointed! ;) :D

Leo MacCool said...

yes, i wash my car. i have one of those high femmes to ferry around, you know.

and joey! of course i work up a sweat washing my car, and waxing it, when i have access to a hose & driveway. but, poor urban slob that i am, mostly i have no such facilities and am reduced to the sorry self-service joint at the bottom of the hill.

from which i just returned. things went better in round #2.

Jen said...

This made me LOL. Love it.