Wednesday, 11 March 2009

More Mindless Fun

This is a meme to cheer me up. It made laugh when I saw it on B's blog and it made me laugh when I tried it. And it's rainy and I'm generally proving the point that I'm more trouble than I'm worth, so, mindless fun blog meme to the rescue it is.

1. Take your cell phone.
2. Open your txt messege inbox.
3. Answer the questions with a first sentence of the txt messege that has arrived.
4. Question 1 - First sentence from the first messege.
5. Question 2 - First sentence from the second messege, etc...

1. What would you say if your significant other was unfaithful?
Maybe when you get home we can make it a reality?
2. What do you always say to your best friend?
No work on subway [That's right, friends. Don't sleep there either.]
3. What is first thing you say when your friend is hit by a bus?
Nice train guy exchanged my pass! [That's rather callous, isn't it?]
4 What is the worst thing you could say to your enemy?
Hey [Leo] give me a call when you have a free minute. [Because talking on the phone with me is sheer torture, of course.]
5 What does your mother say before you go to sleep?
Sounds good! [tough to recall, but I'm pretty sure she never said this before I went to sleep.]
6 What would you scream if you won over a million in lottery?
Cool, will come get me?
7 What would you say to God if you met him/her?
3 17. [That should confuse the deity plenty. Unless God=St. Patrick.]
8 What would you like to hear the most?
Love you stud [Well, yes. Yes indeed.]
9 What will be your last words?
3 days!!! [Because apparently I think I'm going to be resurrected in a modern-day version of the Easter story? I really do have a complex.]

And I tag... Jess! (I'm really never going to forget, buddy. You're stuck with me tagging you til doomsday.)

3 comments: said...


Ok this was a RIOT.

#6 about had me pee my pants. lol

And the tagging of Jess was funny too. LOLOL

Oh man, I hope she picks me! :P

QueerRose said...

Hi Leo! Long time no read. You've written some very honest, brave and thought provoking posts while I've been away. Like others have commented - thank you. Looking forward to dropping by again. With love. QRx

saintchick said...

OMG I did it, go read very funny at least I think so