Monday, 16 February 2009

Bachelor Life: An Update

I was mostly kidding when I said I'd be sad, lonely, and hungry this week. Though clearly I should not kid about these things. I've even gotten an IRL offer of a care package. Do I look that helpless? (No need to answer that.)

Seriously, though, things are fine in the MacCool household. Cats are a bit suspicious but I feed them anyway usually so they're mostly keeping it cool. I munched on Thai leftovers all day yesterday and slept in the middle of the bed. Yeah, I know how to live it up. Today, the car is getting a weird noise checked out (oh let it be cheap & easy to fix) and I'm working. I've got some social engagements planned, including a trip tomorrow with my mom to see my grandparents. A bit nervous about that of course.

And FG is safely arrived at her destination which she tells me is beautiful and strange to Northeastern eyes... I think she's having a good time. And I believe her that she doesn't have cell phone service there, I really do.

3 comments: said...

LOL -- hang in there kiddo. LOL

Jennie said...


enjoy the bachelor weekend.

and super enjoy when FG comes home!

Sabrae Carter said...

I honestly don't know what my wife would do if I had to go away! LOL!! I'd come home to no food left in the house, all the dishes needing to be done and the house a wreck and the dog would probably be starving! So I'd say you are holding up pretty well! lol