Thursday, 16 October 2008

Seven (More) Things About Me

I am deeply touched by Sublime Femme’s faith that the blogging world can stand reading seven more factoids about me. Rest assured that I have re-read my first such meme to ensure that there will be, in fact, SEVENTEEN unique bits of MacCool trivia available for anyone following along at home. (Anyone? Hello out there?)

OK, here it goes.

First, da rulz:

1. Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog - some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog.
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. I started carrying white handkerchiefs (for the purpose of having them to offer to damsels in distress) not only before I identified as butch, but before I was even out of the closet. And I had no idea ANYONE ELSE had ever done such a thing outside of the movies. Imagine my surprise.
2. I broke my nose playing basketball in college. I am really awful at basketball but I was trying to impress a certain pretty girl. Oddly enough I think she was more impressed by the broken nose than my basketball playing. How about that?
3. I got two parking tickets in the last week. That’s not random, I realize (I mean, I was parked illegally in both cases) but I want an excuse to vent my self-pity.
4. The food I miss most from my non-vegetarian past is pepperoni pizza.
5. I like peanut butter & butter sandwiches much more than peanut butter & jelly. I’m not big on sweet stuff but salty stuff drives me crazy.
6. I checked Gwyneth Paltrow out on the street once and didn’t realize it was her until a block later. (The hot celebrity fan-stay-back glare isn’t that different from the standard straight girl queer-stay-back glare, I discovered.)
7. I can’t stand Coldplay and if I’m honest, I have to admit it’s partly that I’m jealous that he gets to have sex with Gwyneth Paltrow and I don’t. But I’d categorize their music under the general heading of “straight boy crap” anyway so it’s not total hypocrisy. (Apologies to anyone whose musical sensibilities I’ve just offended. I don’t mean it personally.)

And I’m tagging:

Packing Vocals

Femme Is My Gender
Queer Rose
Butch Boo
Femme Hinterland


Jess said...

1. How gentlemanly of you to carry a handkerchief. I'd join you but that's just more laundry to wash. Besides, Tina would break my nose of I started offering my squares to damsels in distress!

2. You get my drift up there about the broken nose I see! Wow.. super studly dude.

3. Eeek 2 tickets in a week?!!

4. I keep saying I could easily go veggie. Truth is, I've got really low will power when it comes to food and I'd miss my salty meats.

5. I have to try peanut butter anf butter because I really don't care for PB&J. I do like PB and Bananas, or PB and Fluff. :)

6. ROFL.. well she is straight, it could have been the latter after all.

7. Gwyneth is a cutie.. she could stand to gain some weight, I think. I like Coldplay, but I'm totally not offended.

And why didn't you tag ME, huh? :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what's up with that, man? Totally kidding, I think everyone knows everything about me by now anyway. giggle.

I really like #1, I have a thing for old school chivalry.

Leo MacCool said...

jess, i was just leaving the way clear for your wife! s.f. got her too, you know. and fourteen random facts seems like a lot, even for a rockin' blogger like yourself.

if gwyneth paltrow gained weight i would lose my mind. the hotness would just drive me insane. that's a good point, it could have been the straight girl stare, too. funny how i seemed to forget she was straight for a minute there.

Leo MacCool said...

well, greg, maybe if you hadn't made fun of me for PERFECTLY LEGITMATELY missing the garden state parkway... just kidding. i hope tina tags you, because i totally want to read seven more facts about you. i don't know what i was thinking.

QueerRose said...

I'm very honoured for the tagging - thank you, will get to it shortly. But about your 7 facts:

1. Very gallant indeed. I have one of Holden's that I will treasure forever & ever.

2. I think I'd be more impressed with a broken nose than with someone's basketball playing especially if I thought they were playing to impress me.

3. Just like London then? There is NOWHERE to park.

4. What about bacon sandwiches? They break my veggie attempts every time.

5.PB with anything else is just plain wrong.

6. Gwyneth who?

7. Some Coldpay tracks make me cry. But totally get the straight boy crap angle.

Feel like I know you a whole lot better! QRx

Sublimefemme said...

My favorite kind of butch is the gentleman butch and you, sir, are one! The hankerchief thing is nothing less than dreamy.

So do you tell the girl to keep the hankerchief or accept a return of the soiled item?


Leo MacCool said...

sf, it depends entirely on the context. if carrying around a used handkerchief would be annoying for the damsel in question (for example, the girl who used one of mine to soak up the beer a careless passerby had splashed her with) i accept a return without murmur. on the other hand, if she might have continued need of the item (for example, in the case of tears or sniffles), she should certainly keep it. of course i never expect a handkerchief to be returned. that's why they sell them in packs of ten, you know!

Freedomgirl said...

oh those handkerchiefs -- they are dreamy, aren't they? kindly remind everyone that your first pack was in fact a gift from ME.

And of course I was impressed by the broken nose -- you left out the part where you proceeded to attend a drinking party with me that night.

Leo MacCool said...

oh my god, you commented on my blog.

::staggers out of room::

Kyle said...

Jess and Greg... I'm sure we'll all get tagged eventually... and it's like musical chairs, the sad thing is if you get tagged and realized everyone else you know has already done it.

Leo, I carry hankies sometimes too, but that's because I have allergies.. maybe I could take some gentlemen lessons from you ;-)

femmeismygender said...

1. I love the fact that Holden gives out (monogrammed) handkerchiefs to girls in distress. It makes me smile.
2. Im loving fg's comeback to this story
4.Been a veggie for so many years I can't remember what meat tastes like anyway now.
5.I've answered this on my blog
6.I actually had to go and look at a pic
7. Sounds reasonable

I accepted x

Butch Boo said...

1. Very chivalrous indeed (and an excellent pulling ploy- more importantly!!)
2. Broken nose- impressive would be even more so if you did it boxing!
3. Two tickets...bah that's nothing! Try living in London!
4. Afraid I'm still a T bone muncher
5. Has to be marmite with chocolate spread
6. Gwyneth was mad to pass you by....
7. For that whiney Coldply man.

Lovely to read you factoids- thanks for tagging will get onto it.

X said...

Jess: "Tina would break my nose of I started offering my squares to damsels in distress... "

You got that right!! LOL

Jess I'm tagging you -- I'm not doing this one.

I bore myself too much to do this one. ;)

Leo: PB& BUTTER??? Why does that gross me out so?

Holden said...

Great list Leo and thanks for the tag

saintchick said...

Hi ! Thanks for the tag. Dusted off my laptop and answered.
1. Swoon over the hankerchief.
2. Sports, I would have been in. Sports related injury, I would have been all over.
3. Tickets ? Me & speeding tickets are very close pals.
4.I love me some red meat. sorry to disappoint.
5. No PB&B for me. Too sticky
6. Your crush could stand to eat a nice fat burger
7. I FRICKIN' Hate coldplay. sorry for that one also.