Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Nonsense in Three Parts

I'm off to a work-related conference thing tomorrow. I'm excited about seeing a new city and hopefully making some professional connections. I'm not so excited about having to fly (all that being cooped up and shuffled about like livestock). And I'm a bit nervous about the fact that I'll have a randomly assigned roommate. With whom I will have in common: the letter "F" on our drivers' licenses. Wish me luck...?

And a few questions for you smart technically savvy folks out there...
-How do you get that cool thing where you can see who's updated on your blogroll?
-How about that Twitter update thing?
-And... what's the scoop on Twitter etiquette? Do you follow the people who follow you? Vice versa? (Hussy Red, help me out here...)

Finally, I actually dreamt about k.d. lang this week. That's how stupid excited I am for these concerts. In my dream I was in some sort of back-up chorus for her, and we were rehearsing. Oddly she was wearing not only a black skirt (which she does sometimes) but also those funny high-heeled shoes with the little tiny heel. (T. says they're called kitten heels?) Afterwards we chatted, and she told me she had to do make-up advertisements to make the money to pay her therapist. And then I rested my head on her shoulder and felt utterly at peace, and I thought, well, she smells like a butch, in spite of those shoes. No, I do not remember what butch smelled like in my dream. Good lord. Where does this stuff come from?

13 comments: said...

The updated blogs thing is if you use google reader to read blogs. You can link that to your blog as a gadget in your sidebar.

Twitter code can be found anywhere online... I think.

As for following I follow everyone who follows me BUT only get device updates from the people close to me (meaning it goes to my cell)... don't worry you and the wife are on device updates! :)

Good luck on your trip and can't wait to see you at kd lang!

Zed said...

I've met KD.. she came into the place I was cooking at in Flagstaff, Arizona, with her mom, her girlfriend, and her girlfriend's mom.
This must have been in the late nineties.
Her mom's name is Audrey Lang. I touched her VISA (her mom paid). I followed them out and had KD sign my Salmonberries t-shirt.
They were ALL wearing flannel and denim.

Jess said...

my blogroll is through you can set it to show when blogs update. That's another way.

Have a safe flight!

QueerRose said...

Hi Leo. I've been popping in to your blog for a while and really enjoy reading what you have to say. Lucky you - going to see wonderful kd! The last time I saw her was with the fabulous femmeismygender & Holden at Brighton Pride weekend. KD was amazing and afterwards we waited & got autographs :-) femmeismygender & I still argue about who she winked at! Waiting for my KD dream..... ;-)

greg said...

Your lovely T. is spot on, they are called kitten heels - it's one of my favorite terms.
Have a safe trip!

hussyred said...

it seems like the crew filled us both in on answers, as i had none of them. twitter is a mystery to me. i don't know who to follow/who not to. i don't know if someone is not following me if they can still see when i reply to them. i have no idea. i'm confused, but i like the challenge of something so addicting. is that wrong?

Honey said...

I want to be addicted to Twitter but I just can't get myself to pay that close attention. You can put a Twitter badge on your blog (

I really like the updated blog roll. I'm definitely going to try out what Tina suggested. I'll check back on your blog to see what you ended up with.

I am so jealous you get to see KD Lang. I met her once in LA when she was dating Leisha Hailey and my fancy (now ex) girlfriend was friends with the Murmurs. She seemed so shy and I'm sure I did too. If I had it to do all over again, I think I would freak out and tell her just how I feel about her, whether her girlfriend were there or not.

Jess said...

I would have been more excited about meeting Leisha Hailey. ROFL.

Sublimefemme said...

Good luck at the conference, Leo.
If you're giving a paper, I hope it goes well!

xo Sf

MLC said...

OMG - your dream was so funny and weird. I cannot imagine Kate in kitten heels.

I had a dream about Melissa Ferrick of course I did one was wearing heels though.


saintchick said...

First off your dreams crack me up.
Now that other pesky thing..
Hi, I'm saintchick, and I'm addicted to Twitter..that is all.

Emily Lou said...

I like twitter. I'll follow you! I don't follow people I don't know who try to follow me (I'm protected). I get the updates sent to my phone. I don't go to the website all that much.

I don't know about butch smell, but I know what one sounds like! I can tell sometimes.

Firebolt said...

Why, oh why wouldn't k.d.lang tour India?