Tuesday, 19 August 2008

first & only twenty-ninth

Well, happy birthday to me. I am 29 today, and I will not be making this an annual event. Late-twenties-almost-thirty is just fine with me. Finally old enough not to care, finally old enough not to put up with anyone's garbage. Being young has always seemed to me to be about restrictions so I'm content to be All Grown Up.

It's been quite a year. Last August I was scared, scared, scared. About to leave for England, full of obsessive little plans and overflowing with apology. Now here I am, and I don't even feel like the same person, or rather, I feel like the person who was always deep inside me finally got to stand up and breathe some fresh air.

We went up and saw my mom over the weekend--she dragged out the baby book, of course. Funny to see all the pink IT'S A GIRL!! stuff. My birth announcement had a little pink paper diaper thing, and my mom said, somewhat randomly, 'They had blue ones for boys.' 'And green if you weren't sure?' I suggested. 'No, I bought these after you were born... oh.' Maybe getting it just a little, since she laughed and then told, again, the old stories about how all the old superstitions predicted I'd be a boy. Well, almost, right?

No big plans for today... gotta work, then some Thai food, then out for some drinks. No need to go overboard, on this first birthday where I'm actually pretty much glad I was born, even if it took me almost three decades to figure out that IT'S A BOI!!!


Tina-cious.com said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

I hope Jess doesn't notice the line about getting Thai food or else I know what we'll be having for dinner tonight. LOL

Have a blast! :)

Jess said...

Not notice Thai food? Yeah right. Can we?

Happy Birthday, Mo. I hope your dinner is delicious and dessert is even better.

Something tells me you're in for some jiggly bits. ;)

Holden said...

Happy Birthday Leo

Hope you have a fantastic day and a wonderful year.

Anonymous said...

To one cool cat, happy birthday to you!!!

"It's a Boi" - that rocks!

Robin said...

Happy Birthday and enjoy your evening!

Dylan said...

Hahaha. That last line was terrific. Happy Birthday from one boi to another... I'd give you a big ol' hips can't touch back slapping hug if you were within arm's reach.

appple said...

happy happy not 30 yet bday!

may it be a damn fine year.

Anonymous said...

happy freakin' birthday!!


Belle said...

Happy birthday honey. I miss you guys. Come back soon!