Thursday, 10 July 2008

Summer Heat

At the back of the dance floor, in a crowded lesbian club. I can't hear the conversation but I find out later it's about how to let someone know you want to go home with them. And then this gorgeous girl I barely know is walking around, standing behind me. Her hands on my shoulders, then pressing, sliding down my chest. (Stopping just short of my breasts, temporarily, sexily, rendered beside the point.) A light brush on my ass, a gentle pressure of breasts on my back. How could she know the geography of my desire so intimately? Does she also know how badly I wanted to touch her?


letsdance said...

Yipes, Leo!

Kyle said...

oh, wow... I'm remembering a hot night on a dance floor this summer, I was dancing with a group of friends and my wife. A hot young femme in a tight white tshirt came through the crowd on her way off the floor. As she passed behind me, she ran both hands down my back, from the top to the bottom.. yowza. She continued on to her booth, with her friends, with only the slightest backward glance.

So, that was an expression of intent? I knew it was something, she certainly didn't need to partially frisk me to get past me. hmm...

I need to find a crowded dance floor, stat!