Friday, 4 July 2008

still alive

i've been back in america nearly two weeks now. the big goal has been achieved: i'm typing this in our new apartment, surrounded by boxes and haphazard furniture and some very forgiving cats. there's so much i want to write about here:
-the overlap between femininity & acceptability in my head, and why i 'girl out' when i'm nervous
-being invisible and the subtle homophobia of perpetrating invisibility.
-how i got wet at the nyc dyke march and relied on the kindness of strangers who are no longer strangers now
and lots more. but as i'm cadging wireless here i'll stop now. i've missed reading your blogs so much. thanks for still stopping by here... hope to have proper internet by next week.


tongue-tied said...

welcome back to real bacon & ice cubes!

good to hear you're settling in.


Clementine said...

Welcome back! I hope your unpacking/settling in goes smoothly.

appple said...

yay for being back!
yay for apartment!

happy 4th! :D

Jess said...

Hey buddy! Glad you all made it in one piece :)

Looking forward to a meet up this summer... RI beaches have been calling me.

Packing Vocals said...

Glad you've found an apartment, have fun settling in.

Dylan said...

Woot! Glad you're back and settling in! I can't believe you found an apartment so quickly, that gives me hope for finding mine. Enjoy setting the place up and getting reacquainted with the states!