Saturday, 21 June 2008

Radio Silence

Tomorrow the lovely T. and I are returning to the United States. We had an awesome send-off last night (or leaving do, as they say here) with three of our favorite local lesbians, which involved among other things our initiation into the wonders of Rock Band (the video game). Dangerously fun.

We're plunging right into the apartment search, but while we’re living with my mom, I expect internet access to be very occasional at best. The plan is to be in our own place by July 1st, fingers crossed.

And hey, if you’re going to be at New York’s Dyke March next weekend? Keep an eye out for us! We’ll be there. I’ll try to wear my Manchester t-shirt for maximum visibility.


tongue-tied said...

safe travels!

Dylan said...

New York dyke march! I should get on that. I did peace keeping for the Boston Dyke march... and while it was good, it really can't compare to NYC's craziness.

Have a great trip back to the states. I hope settling in is easy and familiar!

ladybrettashley said...

hope it all goes well!!

appple said...

i'll look for you!