Saturday, 7 June 2008

Beautiful women

A beautiful woman walked by the other day. She’s dressed for work, not super sexy, not super feminine, but she looks very nice. I notice her breasts: round, springy, bouncy. They aren’t large and they are bouncing with each step she takes.

Part of me notices in a sleeps-with-women way. I think about what those breasts might look like bare. I imagine them firm and springing in my hands. That Cake lyric: she’s got a silk dress and healthy breasts / That bounce on his Italian leather sofa... What could I do to make them bounce for me?

And then, a beat later, the raised-as-a-woman part of me thinks: she’s not wearing a bra. And the way she’s holding herself, rounding her shoulders forward a little, head down and walk apologetic, I bet she regrets it.

I wish I could have told her that her bouncing breasts are beautiful to me.

Why is it so often that the very thing that is lovely and alive and striking is also a source of shame?


Jessie MacRae said...

I see women shame other women much more than men do about not wearing bras. There's a new bra out that provides extra padding in front of the nipple so that it can't be seen. Heaven forbid anyone knows you're cold/turned on/have nipples.

It seems as though that if they're not covered, you're showing something you shouldn't be...even though they're right there on your chest.

Anonymous said...

I am guilty of going out of my way to cover up any sign that I have nipples. They happen to be aggressive (giggle) and not easy to conceal unless I'm wearing a ridiculous padded bra. Why do I bother?

Leo MacCool said...

exactly, jessie. it's a strange women-policing-women thing... why do we do that? where does it come from?

gr-eg: well, don't bother on my account, anyway! ;)